Image result for the thankful book         The Best-Selling children’s book ‘The Thankful Book’ should be on every parent’s wish list. Written and illustrated by Todd Parr, ‘The Thankful Book’ displays the little things in life that every adult and child can appreciate. Whether it be having big hair that makes you unique, or having holiday breaks that you spend time with your family, ‘The Thankful Book’ showcases a positive message for everyone.

Some highlights from the book are the illustrations, the theme, and what children can learn from it. The illustrations are colorful and bright. Parr’s design of choice is simple and child-like, as if a child drew themselves. This design gives the book a certain charm, which young children can identify with. The theme of the book is straight-forward; to be thankful. The message Parr is trying to send is to be grateful for the blessings in their lives, no matter how small it might seem. Each page of the book shows a little part of someone’s life that they’re thankful for. Parents are able to teach their children to be appreciative by using the book as a model to base-off of. It can be a great source to educate children on how to enjoy the little joys in life. It’s important to start your child reading early, and nurture their love for books as they get older. A parent should always encourage their child to read.It can be a useful book in a parent’s library as it sends a positive message.The age demographic for ‘The Thankful Book’ are 0-5, but I believe that the age of 3 year old’s would benefit most from the book. The bright colors and simple illustrations are appealing to this age, and the uncomplicated dialogue is easy enough for a young child can follow it. An activity parents can do with their child is, for example, after the parent and child finish the book, they could make a list of what they’re grateful for in their lives. This makes the child look at their own blessings, and to be thankful for them.

In conclusion, ‘The Thankful Book’ has something to offer for everyone. Parents are able to read with their children, while teaching them modesty and to acknowledge the blessings in their lives. It sends out a positive message that young children can learn from, and all parent should consider adding this delightful book to their child’s library.

By: Brae Shea