I Love You is a great book for children 6 months to 24 months (2 years old) as a first book, an introduction to reading and learning different textures while also learning basic concepts. This is a great book for younger children because it is simple, easy but has a basic concept with large bold text and short sentences with simple pictures.The different pictures allow the child to learn different animals and objects (dogs,kittens,teddy bears) which they will learn in school but this book gives them a head start. I Love You is a fun way to show different common items like pets and kisses something they will run into in life. The book helps expand the child’s vocabulary learning by different words like best friend or cuddle which helps improve literacy skills. The touch and feel aspect of different textures makes the book fun and interactive for both child and parent while keeping the child interested and having fun while learning. I Love You is a perfect first book for learning and asking open ended questions the child will eventually be able to answer as they grow older and learn, a must have for any new reader. Some activities you can do with the book and you or your child are to ask questions like “what are the bunnies sitting in” or “what are the kittens doing” you could also get the child to point of some objects found in the book that they may have in the house like a dog or a teddy bear.


The pictures in this book are of everyday items a child may have seen before and learning to associate names with them is great development for the child and also helps improve vocabulary. As they get older this book helps with actions and colours like the brown dog or mommy kissing the baby. The mirror in the back of the book allows for recognition for the child. The last page of the book says “You’re my very special sweetheart” this mirror shows that the baby is the special sweetheart which they will soon learn to realize, allowing a positive message. I Love You is the perfect size for a child to hold and grasp while working on their fine motor skills from picking up the book to flipping the pages. Children love the touch and feel aspect of the book it allows to feed their curiosity with  touching everything they can and pairing it with some of their favorite things. This book with its bright colours, simple concept, and fun aspect too it gets the child excited to read and discover new pages. Great for interaction both child and parent.


This book is everything is a child needs to learn and grow while having a fun time, perfect for any growing child beaming with curiosity about everything they can get their hands on. The first few years of life are key for development and reading is the perfect things to do w theithm. An interactive but easy first book like I Love You is what every child and parent need on their shelves.

  • Jenna Coulis