First Books Book Review- Splish, Splash, Baby! by Karen Katz

Splish, Splash, Baby! is an engaging and bright concept book perfect for reading with your 18-36 month old child. ‘Splish’ is a lift-the-flap book that goes through a series of questions all about what daily objects are used during bath time (“What’s behind the bath bottles?” “Three yellow ducks!”). The book about the everyday routine of bath time and expands on your child’s vocabulary with words like baby, bottles, yellow ducks, bucket, bubbles, sponge, whale, etc. ‘Splish’ teaches question and answer syntax through repetition. There is no plot and characters are limited to baby with a surprise cameo from Mom at the end. Personal hygiene is fun!

There is limited dialogue so the focus with reading is on identifying colours and objects, turning the pages, lifting the flap and getting excited about bath time! The repetitive, sing-song phrases are charming and will appeal to young children. ‘Splish‘ is a book of simple shapes and simple concepts, so there is lots of room for engaging your child in relating objects found in the book (towel, bath, mom) to objects in real life. There are many opportunities for counting practice and practicing other pre-math skills like sequencing (question—flap turn—answer) and paring (pair the found object with the object it is hiding behind, once the book becomes routine). Your toddler will be growing into his or her autonomous stage and this book allows them to guess at what is hidden, flip the page and find out! Positive reinforcement and repetitive reading of this book—maybe before bath time—will be a fruitful and fun experience for both parent and child!

Options for extension activities—bath time! Play with bubbles and boats in the bath and have as much fun as the babies in the book!

Extension questions: Do you like bath time? Do you play games in the bath? Do you play with toys in the bath? What toys do we have for bath time? Allow your child to engage with the lift-the-flap aspect of the book.


Happy reading! Caitlin