This book is great for kids 3-5, the story is about Belle getting to babysit Chip (the teacup) who is grumpy because he didn’t get to go on a field day with the other children because he is a teacup so Belle sets up her own field day fun for everyone. This book is super fun for all those kids who really like Disney princess’s or are a little grumpy like Chip and in need of a good laugh to cheer up a little, this book may also inspire parents or children to plan their own field day of fun and do some fun activities around the house or outside. This book is relevant to children’s development because the pictures help them follow along with the story while allowing them to read the words it helps them put it together promoting literacy skills and language skills. This book is great for helping to develop story sense children learn that stories have a start, middle, and end. The best part about this book and picture books in general is that their fun and doesn’t make reading seem like a chore, it becomes that exciting reading time for everyone both parent/teacher and child which is a great time for interactive communication for everyone. This book is a guaranteed hit for so many children with its fun characters and plot line promoting a good laugh or chuckle for everyone who reads it.

Extension activity: Change the story; Find a solution to the problem or get the child to imagine what the problem is, in this story it would be about Chip. Why is Chip grumpy or what solution could the children come up with to make Chip not grumpy anymore. You can get them to draw or write about this either way this activity promotes mine motor skills and children using their creativity/imagination.

In conclusion this book is a must have for any parent who enjoys a good read with their child. Its a fun and easily interactive book for children 3-5 and it helps promote development while making learning and reading fun for the whole family. Its easy and simple but challenging story line is just what your growing child needs in this time of curiosity and questions.

  • Jenna Coulis