Image result for yeti turn out the light best seller      Yeti, Turn Off the Light is a delightful book, showing children that what it is in the dark might not be as scary as they think. Written by Greg Long, and Chris Edmundson, tells the tale of a sleepy Yeti who just want some shut eye, but his imagination runs wild, and he believes he’s seeing scary monsters. But when he turns on the light, he’s surprised to see that the scary monster are just his friends stopping by to say hello. Illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan, the pictures are amusing and the characters almost stand off the page. Parents are able to teach their children a lesson on using their imaginations, but not to get carried away with it. Children can learn that what they think they see in the dark, can be something completely different.The book can also help children with their literacy skills, as the rhyming components encourage children to read along.

A way parents can engage their children on focusing on the book is asking questions relating to the cover. For example, parents can ask questions like “Why do you think Yeti is mad?” or “Are you scared of the dark?”. These questions give parents a frame to involve their children, and peak their interest in the book. The parents can also ask questions while reading the book to their child, to keep that interest. An extensive activity parents can do with their child is after reading the book, parents can turn off the lights, turn a flashlight on, and create shadow puppets with their  children. They could also encourage the children to draw pictures of what they imagine the shadow puppets would look like; developing their sense of awareness. Overall, Yeti, Turn Off The Lights an imaginative, and expressive story about what  you see is sometimes something different.

Brae Shea